Be more Flexible
Extending Flexibility of Sheet Metal Forming
The IDDRG conferences have been established as an annual world-class forum,
making major contribution in the field of the sheet metal forming processes.
The 39th International Deep Drawing Research Group Conference will be held in Busan,
South Korea, on October 25-29, 2020. The leading sheet metal specialists and
researchers from all over the world participate in the event to promote exchanges
of new ideas in all engineering aspects of sheet metal forming, such as behavior of
workpiece materials, formability, tools, tribology, process robustness, simulation methods
and experiments. Apart from the general topics, the theme of IDDRG 2020 is
“Be More Flexible: Extending Flexibility of Sheet Metal Forming”.
Contributions in this field are actively solicited.
Myoung-Gyu Lee, Seoul National University
Daeyong Kim, Korea Institute of Materials Science
Jung Han Song, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
Ji Hoon Kim, Pusan National University